13 Reasons Why You Should Take a London Black Taxi


1. They make use of the most sophisticated technology in the world

The sat-nav goes in and out of date. The smartphone runs flat or is unable to hook up to GPS. But black cabs run on a far superior power, it’s called The Knowledge and it’s hosted by human brains. One of the hardest tests in the world and takes three years to complete – make use of it.

2. So you won’t get lost

Don’t stand on that street corner refreshing your maps app, there’s someone who knows exactly where you need to be and how to get there. Just raise your arm in the air.

3. For that sense of superiority

You can look down upon everyone else in their little, low cars driving alongside you. Yes those sitting in buses can look down on you – but they’re on a bus and you’re not. And the Tube is far, far beneath you.

4. For a fun time

What better way of transporting a gang of five around town without having to resort to a hideous people carrier? And no one has to sit up front next to the driver for an embarrassing drive. Also those super little fold down seats give you an instant group circle. Friendly travelling indeed. Just don’t throw up in one!

5. For an emergency

Need to change clothes? Need to breastfeed? Need to put some on some make up? Need a moment? Need to snog someone? Need to get away from someone? Need to get to someone?
Remember black cabs are the only cars legally allowed to ply for the trade on the streets so they’re on hand when a crisis occurs. They can travel in bus lanes for speed and they’re far safer than picking up a private car.

6. For the absolute joy and relief

…in flagging down a cab just when you need one, you’ll soon be where you have to be.

7. For a little me time

Don’t need the hustle and bustle? Can’t face shoving up the Tube carriage with everyone else? A few private minutes in the silent oasis of your own black cab will help you regroup.

8. But if you do want to talk

London cabbies always have a story to tell and most are willing to chat away. If you engage with them you’re usually guaranteed to get out with a smile on your face. ‘Guess who I had in the back of my cab the other day…’

9. You can make decisions on the fly

You don’t have to stick to specific stops and routes so that last minute change of plan that has just been texted through means you can make an about turn, making use of the cab’s very tight turning circle perfected for London’s streets.

10. You get to see the city

Not someone’s armpit in an underground tunnel. Take those moments stuck in traffic to look around at the gorgeous old buildings, the brand new structures, that unusual shop, a tiny park you had no idea existed etc.etc.
Or of course use your phone and headphones without annoying anyone else.

11. Because not everyone can use a standard car

Wheelchair? Luggage? Pram? Pushcair? Guide dog? Oodles of children? Never fear, the most spacious licensed vehicle on the road is here.

12. And black cabs are far from standard

Hackney carriages have been on the streets for over 500 years. Now the well known cars bearing their yellow lights are an icon of the streets – it wouldn’t just be us lost without them, London would be too. I couldn’t imagine the city without them.

13. Get in, you’re the chosen one

No you didn’t just summon that cab, it chose you. Out of everyone tramping the streets right now you are the one deemed worthy enough to dim that yellow light for.

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